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Short Film Production Package

Our Short Film Production Package is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for producing a high-quality short film. This package includes pre-production planning, a full crew with essential equipment, and complete post-production services, ensuring a seamless production process from start to finish.

Pre Production

Concept Development

Scriptwriting and Script Editing

Storyboarding and Shot Planning

Pre-Production Meetings

Scheduling and Budgeting

Location Scouting and Permits

Casting and Rehearsals

At this stage one of our Producers will be assigned to the project to oversees all aspects of the production from development through to post production. Manage the budget, schedule, and overall logistics ensures that the project stays on track and meets creative and financial goals.


Production Crew:


Bringing the vision to life, instructing the cast and crew 

1st AD

Manages the shooting schedule and crew coordination


Ensures smooth operation and coordination among all departments


Includes camera, lenses, lights, grip and essential accessories


In charge of lighting setup and execution


Assists with electrical and lighting tasks

Focus Puller

Manages camera focus during shooting

Sound Recordist

Captures high-quality audio on set

2nd AC

Clapperboard operator and helps with camera setup


Boom operator and mixer to capture sound and dialogue


Provides general support on set

Post Production


Assembly and fine cut of the documentary or infomercial

Integration of interviews, b-roll, and graphics

Color correction and grading for a polished look

Sound Post-Production

Sound editing and design

Mixing and mastering of audio

Graphics and Animation

Creation of custom graphics, titles, and lower thirds

Animation sequences (if required)


Score composition or music licensing

Integration of music into the final cut

Final Output

Export and delivery in desired formats (e.g., HD, 4K,8K,12K)

Creation of a trailer or teaser (if required)

Distribution Strategy

Platform Selection

Identify the most effective platforms for your target audience (e.g., company website, YouTube, social media channels)

Marketing Campaign

Utilize social media advertising tools to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors to maximize the impact of your video

How to Get Started

To learn more about our Short Film Production Package or to get started, please contact us at for free consultation.


Let us help you create captivating content that drives engagement and achieves your marketing goals!

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